March 27th 2020 

Tassili Life Sciences, Corp. Has Been Acquired By  Champignon Brands

Tassili Life Sciences, Corp. in collaboration with multiple university research institutes intends to prove that clinical and physiological effectiveness in post concussion syndrome, PTSD and OCD are enhanced by timely measured dosages of Psilocybin+CBD with superior clinical results as measured by objective outcomes.

We expect this combination to elicit clinical outcomes that are superior to Psilocybin or CBD alone.

Our vision is to administer the compounds of Psilocybin and Cannabis-THC and/or CBD in certified drug and talk therapy clinics.  Using treatment protocols and professionally trained personnel collaboratively appointed with our university research institute partners, consistent with the highest patient safety standards, reviewed and approved by pertinent regulators including the FDA.

The benefits of psilocybin (aka Magic Mushrooms’) is thought to have been introduced to a wider audience by a banker and ethnomycologist, named R. Gordon Wasson. He was travelling in Mexico in 1955 when he witnessed a Mazatec shamen performing a ritual ceremony. The Mazatec, are indigenous to the Oaxaca region of southern Mexico. Wasson wrote an article about his experience in Life magazine in 1957 when his editor coined the phrase “Magic Mushroom”.   

Timothy Leary, the well known advocate of LSD read the 1957 article and was intrigued, and from there magic mushrooms were associated with the hippie movement until 1968 when its use was banned except for medical research which has only just recently started up again. Research now focuses on its use in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other disorders that were first suggested in the 1960’s with psilocybin utilizing the neutron receptor site now known as 5-HT2A. 

At Tassili Life Sciences we strive to enhance the knowledge and applications of psilocybin through clinical trials and the development of patents.